The Tattooed Metrokiller

van tatoos are so hot right now

van tattoos are so hot right now

VAN: The Tattooed Metrokiller

FOUND: 95th St. and Riverside Dr., New York City

PROBABLY ON THE RADIO: Calvin Harris – “Dance Wive Me”, feat. Dizzee Rascal

THIS VAN TELLS THE WORLD: I’m all city. See that graffiti on the side of me? That’s art, man.

Driving around Manhattan, I come across all sorts of insane sights. Like, for instance, I’m driving up Riverside the other day and I come across this girl—>

Is she wearing pants? Who knows? It’s New York, man. Anything can happen.

So I got a little spray paint on my exterior. No big deal. Underneath the hood of this late-90s model Dodge, I’m rockin’ a V8. And that’s nothing to shake a stick shift at.


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