stop staring at my roof animals

um, okay.

um, okay.

have a close look at the photo of this gray Oldsmobile Silhouette, found driving through the strip-mall section of Easton, Pennsylvania. what’s that glued on to the roof? yup, it’s a healthy array of stuffed animals. that is not normal.

using our super high-tech zoom-in software, we were able to determine that Ernie, of Bert and Ernie fame, is in the mix. all the other things are just weird. looks like there’s a cat in there, a sunflower, maybe a Tweety Bird.

the best part? if you look really closely above the license plate, there’s a chrome skull with glowing red eyes fastened to the tailgate.

we didn’t get a good look at the driver, but we can only assume it was the creepy guy from Spiderman 3.

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