The Backstage Banjo-Bomber

Backstage Banjo-Bomber

VAN: Backstage Banjo-Bomber

FOUND: stage right of the Heritage Bluegrass Festival, Jim Thorpe, PA


WHAT THIS VAN TELLS THE WORLD: Music is my muse. And I’m not talking about the crap you probably listen to.

Take a look at me. You think I care about the latest trends? Nope. Same goes with my music. All this garbage that’s getting churned out by record companies these days, it frightens me. You kids and your Britney Montana and your Lady Hoo-Ha. That’s not music.

Now, put a banjo and a stand-up bass in the same room together… them’s real tunes. Pure. American. Bluegrass.

backstage at the Heritage Bluegrass Fest

backstage at the Heritage Bluegrass Fest

I have no seats, just a ton of cargo room in the back. You know why? No, not to make room for a subwoofer and 15″ speakers, ya dingbat. It’s so’s I can haul gear around for people to make real music, for real people. I can squeeze a full drumkit, a stand-up bass, several guitars and amps and a PA system behind the driver’s seat, Tetris style.

I got some advice for ya’s: get off yer computer ā€” with yer mp2’s and yer Facey-Spacey and yer Tweeter-chirps ā€” and pick up a guitar or a banjo. Start a band. Cover some Waylon Jennings tunes. Then try to listen to those Black Eyed Beans fellas. Just try. Then you’ll see what it is i’m gettin’ at.

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